The Computer Teacher Training (CTTC) programme is aimed at those who want to make their career in Teaching and in the Training sector. The CTTC programme prepares the learners for a specialized career in Teaching and Training. The contents are designed such that not only will the learner gain computer knowledge but also learn how to transfer this knowledge effectively to his students.

The objective of this course is to produce high end dynamic computer teachers to meet the demand of Industry. The course is encapsulated with several exercises that are built keeping the requirements of teachers/ trainers in mind.

Computer Programming

Programming in C: Introduction, Data Types, Generating Program in C language, Operators, Decision Making S witch Statement, Iteration or loops, Statements, Arrays, User Defined Functions and Prototype, Pointers, Structures and Union, File Management System, Syntex, Practice. Programming in C++: Introduction, Generating Program in C++, Operators, Decision Making, Arrays, Functions & Prototype, Pointers Structure & Union, File Management System, Class and Object, Practice. Visual Basic 6.0: Introduction to Vb, Forms controls and menus, Programming construct, Functions and procedures, Array, File input output, Accessing database, Crystal report, Ole concepts., Project: in C++ or Visual Basic.

HTML/DHTML Introduction to HTML/DHTML,File handling, Html language, Different types of lists, Creating lists, Changing background, Handling of tables, Frames, Uploading files to web server. JavaScript: Where does java script fit in?, Working with data and information, Functions and objects, Built-in objects, Events, Creating interactive forms, Loops, Frames, Documents and windows, JSP/ASP, Project: Static Web VisualJava6.0, Oracle9i: Introduction to DBMS, Data Modeling, RDBMS, Relationships, Data Definition, Manipulation and control language statement, SQL, Basics, SQL, PL/SQL,ORD BMS, Web Browser & Search Engine, Project: Dynamic Web Development. Internet Online: Introduction to internet, Installing and configuring internet tool, Introduction to www, File transfer protocol, e-mail, Evolution of internet, Connecting to internet, Surfing website, Working offline, Downloading files, Handling e-mail, Attachments.

Benefits offered by Ytwolearn

Practical and Classroom sessions
Opportunity to work for a realtime PHP, CMS project and get involved in the project phases
Regular tasks and practical sessions
Job placements with leading companies

Topics Included

  • PHP installation
  • Displaying type information
  • Testing for a specific data type
  • Using the ? operator
  • Single-Dimensional Arrays
  • Multidimensional Arrays
  • Looping associative array
  • Adding Parameters
  • PHP data types
  • PHP variables
  • Getting the size of an array
  • Joining arrays

Course Content