Microsoft sql training course is an online in class training for Microsoft mySQL

MySQL Performance Tuning Training

This training teaches how to safely and effectively optimize the performance of MySQL server. Students understand how to use the tools to monitor, evaluate and tune. The course makes participants proficient in evaluating architecture, using tools, configuring databases, and tuning SQL code and applications. This certification also validates your skills to perform tasks like server tuning, storage engine examination, and application architecture assessment. Candidates additionally get acquainted with general concepts related to tuning. The course is appropriate for developers, as well as database and system administrators. Candidates understand the fundamentals of performance tuning, and learn about the usage of performance tuning tools.

Schedule for MySQL Performance Tuning

Experience maintaining a database server (preferably a MySQL server)
Can use MySQL tools to connect to the MySQL Server
Have knowledge of general SQL statement structure and basic SQL tuning principles
Working knowledge of Linux operating systems


Benefits Offered by YtwoLearn

Practical and Classroom sessions
Concept of Mysql
Career oriented training Mysql
Opportunity to work for a realtime Mysql and get involved in the project phases
Mysql training
Hands-On lab exercises
Regular tasks and practical sessions
Job placements with leading companies

Topics Included

  • HTML5 Overview
  • Structure Of HTML5
  • HTML5 Web SQL
  • CSS3 Introduction
  • Creates and Maintains CSS?
  • What are Animations in CSS3?
  • JS Introduction
  • JS Conditional Statements
  • JS Advanced
  • Jquery Download
  • Jquery Selectors
  • Jquery noconflict

Course Content