Microsoft sql training course is an online in class training for Microsoft SQL Server

About Microsoft SQL Training Course

This Intellipaat Microsoft sql training course is an online in class training for Microsoft SQL Server and is meant for developers to help them master the descriptive learning language on database concepts for working for relational databases. The important topics included in this course are SQL introduction, relational databases, queries, Subqueries, joins and unions. You will gain considerable proficiency in the theory of optimization, indexing, transactions, database administration, installation of SQL server and clustering.

What you will learn in this SQL Server Training Course?

Learn the SQL architecture, client/server relation and database types
Deploy various functions and operators to design relational databases
Modify data using T-SQL, Views and Stored Procedures
Concepts of Trigger and creation of Triggers
Use records for searching, sorting, indexing and grouping
Learn about Database Administrators, types, SQL Server tools and Services
Backup and restoration of databases.

Who should take this SQL Server Training Course?

Software developers and IT professionals
SQL and database administrators
Project Managers
Business Analysts and Managers
Business Intelligence professionals
Big data and Hadoop professionals
Those aspiring for a career in SQL development.

Why should you take this SQL Certification Training Course?

The SQL is one of the most important programming languages for working on large sets of databases. Thanks to the Big Data explosion today the amount of data that enterprises have to deal with is humongous. This creates huge demand for SQL Developers who can parse all that Big Data and convert it into business insights. Taking this instructor-led Microsoft SQL Server Training Course and the ensuing Microsoft SQL Server Certification Exam can give a boost to your career.

Benefits Offered by YtwoLearn

Practical and Classroom sessions
Concept of SQL Server
Career oriented training SQL Server
Opportunity to work for a realtime SQL Server and get involved in the project phases
SQL Server training
Hands-On lab exercises
Regular tasks and practical sessions
Job placements with leading companies

Topics Included

  • HTML5 Overview
  • Structure Of HTML5
  • HTML5 Web SQL
  • CSS3 Introduction
  • Creates and Maintains CSS?
  • What are Animations in CSS3?
  • JS Introduction
  • JS Conditional Statements
  • JS Advanced
  • Jquery Download
  • Jquery Selectors
  • Jquery noconflict

Course Content